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Ottawa sisters killed elderly mom to end abuse: police

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Sisters Chau Khanh and Hue Ai Lam are accused of killing their elderly mom to finally end years of beatings and psychological abuse.

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Ottawa police also believe the Sisters Lam hatched the deadly plot three days before killing Kieu Lam, 88, on Oct. 31.

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Ottawa patrol officers responded to a call at a townhouse on Bowmount Street in Cyrville around 12:23 a.m., according to police.

Police found Kieu Lam dead in bed and it looked like she had been beaten to death. Chau, who called police, and sister Hue, were arrested and later charged with first-degree murder.

The Lam sisters were interviewed by Ottawa homicide detectives and gave incriminating statements, according to police.

The sisters allegedly told police they were subjected to years of abuse and decided to end it.

The accused killers lived with their mom at the time and started contemplating the murder days before, police believe. They said they could no longer live a life anchored in abuse.

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