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Katie Holmes Found a Cute Way to Wear Corduroy Pants

Katie Holmes is one of those celebrities I always look to for accessible, chic outfit ideas, as she’s photographed trekking around NYC on pretty much a weekly basis. Most time, those outfits include jeans and some sort of comfortable shoes and chic outerwear. But her most recent outfit got a wintery update and I thought I’d share it because it’s cold, people. Any guesses?

Wearing corduroy pants in the winter isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but they’re still worthy of being reminded of from time to time. I think they deserve a permanent spot in a winter basics wardrobe, as you can pretty much wear them with anything you wear with jeans. But they’ll keep you even warmer and they’ll add a chic retro twist to your winter outfits. 

I don’t know about you but now I’m in the mood to shop for some corduroy pants so I found some chic options. Scroll to join me.

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