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23 Birthday Outfits to Celebrate Your Day the It-Girl Way

Birthday celebrations are kind of a big deal, especially when it’s your own. Whether you’re the type of person to go all out with a full-blown celebration—professional photographer and DJ included—or you prefer a low-key get-together with your closest friends, there’s no doubt that you deserve to look and feel great on your birthday. And as you start preparing to celebrate your next trip around the sun, it’s only appropriate to have a handful of birthday outfits on hand to start your new year off in style.

Let’s be honest: Your birthday is something to get excited about, and your birthday outfit should be no different. It is your night after all, which means you’ll be the center of attention. Ahead, we’ve pulled together It girl–approved looks that are so cool they’re worth celebrating all on their own. Give yourself a head start on planning your birthday fête and scroll down to see all of these chic outfits below.

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