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5 Fashion Color Trends I’m Trying in 2023

Although the austere palette of the ’90s is stronger than ever right now, the spring/summer 2023 runways were still awash with color. From Paris to New York, designers infused their collections with a fresh array of colors and tones that just tickled our fancy, and while neutrals like black, cream, and gray are very much still on the menu, a few exciting (and surprising) new shades are managing to edge their way into our hearts, our carts, and soon enough our wardrobes at the turn of the New Year.

With any new idea that enters our closets, there are naturally a few older ones that we phase out to make way for the incoming styles. This is especially true for colors, being that this neutrals-focused editor is as picky as they come about wearing colors other than black. So as I sat down to look at the incoming fashion color trends for 2023, I cherry-picked five shades I can actually see myself trying out. They’re replacing a few colors from past seasons that I’ve already bought into and will no longer be shopping new versions of. For your ultimate 2023 color download, look no further.

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