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YOU SAID IT: Sick? Stay home

Here are today’s Ottawa Sun letters to the editor.

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Is it any wonder that the public has (or is) losing confidence in politicians and medical officers of health? Yes, children’s hospitals throughout the province are operating at up to 200 per cent capacity and something needs to be done.

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By all accounts, RSV is currently the major source of respiratory illness for children and accounts for much of the hospital visits. Regrettably, there is no vaccine to offer protection against RSV. But what is being pushed on the public? Get vaccinated! Why? Vaccines only have limited protection against COVID-19 and influenza.

Vaccines are not the answer and masking has mixed public support. Maybe it is time to promote personal responsibility and accountability. Stay home when you’re sick.

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(Vaccines, masking and staying home while sick are all important parts of the puzzle.)


Over the past seven years, PM Narcissist and his minions have engaged in some questionable activities resulting in Canada being described as or becoming a banana republic. It’s unlikely these words were in jest, but certainly out of frustration at ideology-mad decisions (still) taking Canada in unwanted directions.

Sadly and alarmingly, the banana republic status now truly belongs to Canada. How so? Because of the two top law and safety ministers in this excuse for competent government. Attorney General David Lametti and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino were caught discussing the use of tanks and the military to quell the “Freedom Convoy” occupation. Using your military against civilian demonstrations, regardless of how unpalatable said demonstrations may be, is precisely what happens in real banana republics.

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When caught, they passed off the “discussion” as playful banter — a joke. Some joke! The only joke in this sorry debacle is the Liberal government’s unconscionable invocation of the Emergencies Act. While Lametti piously claimed client-solicitor privilege to avoid answering some inquiry questions, Canadians should suspect the real reason was that revealing his “advice” would prove the government acted without meeting the legislated threshold.

The nonsense that cabinet is entitled (there’s that ubiquitous Liberal claptrap again) to apply a broader interpretation to the definition in the CSIS Act supports the suspicion they failed to meet that threshold. All Canadians should be appalled, disgusted, furious and very afraid for what these Liberal incompetents are doing to a once great country and their mendacious coverups.

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(People in power joking about tanks wouldn’t be a great look.)


Thank God Canada doesn’t have nuclear weapons. The reason I say that is, after listening to the Emergencies Act inquiry, it seems to me we don’t have any politicians with the intellect to interpret the instructions on when to use them.

Imagine lawmakers who aren’t sure of the meanings of their own laws. So what is a lowly citizen supposed to do trying to follow them? The storytelling we heard during the inquiry makes them more suited to writing country songs in Nashville than running a country.



(Not sure we’d listen to those tunes.)

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