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Allies mull ‘governor’s rule’ to avert Punjab Assembly dissolution

PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz (left) meets PPP Punjab leader Hassan Murtaza in Lahore, on November 29, 2022. — PML-N
PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz (left) meets PPP Punjab leader Hassan Murtaza in Lahore, on November 29, 2022. — PML-N

LAHORE: Among other options to stonewall a vote of no-confidence in the Punjab Assembly, the multi-party Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is also mulling the governor’s rule to avert the dissolution of the provincial legislative body.

“If a resolution is moved in the National Assembly and the Senate for the imposition of governor’s rule in Punjab and the president signs off on it, then the governor’s rule will be imposed,” said PML-N leader Attaullah Tarar while talking to journalists after a meeting of a PPP delegation with PML-N Hamza Shahbaz Tuesday.

“If the Punjab Assembly is dissolved at the behest of Imran Khan, it will be unconstitutional.” 

A PPP delegation — led by its Punjab leader Hassan Murtaza — and Hamza held political consultation regarding the PDM’s strategy to thwart a no-trust motion in the Punjab assembly.

Tarar said this parley was the continuation of a series of consultations currently underway to tackle the threat of the dissolution of Punjab and KP assemblies.

Tarar said Punjab Assembly should complete its constitutional term, adding, nobody was allowed to rob the public mandate. “We will use every possible tactic to prevent the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly,” Tarar said.

He said the consultation process, which started yesterday, had been extended. “Our relationship continues in Punjab as well, which is commendable, while various options are being discussed in detail in Punjab,” Tarar added.

He said Punjab lawmakers were totally unsettled because of that uncertainty.

The PIT’s parliamentary party have splintered into various groups, Tarar claimed.

“There’s a consensus among almost all of the stakeholders that the Punjab Assembly should complete its constitutional term,” the PML-N leader said.

He said according to the law, no member can be prevented from voting for a confidence or no-confidence motion, adding, the parties would announce their future line of action in a day or two after further consultation.

“Any decision taken will be made public in due course. Our preparations are complete.”

Speaking on the occasion, PPP leader Murtaza thanked the PML-N leadership for including allies in the consultation process.

“Who wants to strengthen the parliamentary system and who wants to weaken it,” Murtaza questioned.

“The opposition is simultaneously talking about governing and dissolving the assemblies,” he said.

Taking a dig at PTI chief Khan, Murtaza said those who sneaked into the system through a backdoor were again trying to pull off the same trick this time around.

“PPP will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its allies,” Murtaza said adding: “It is not power sharing, it was burden sharing”.

He said under what circumstances the government had decided to dissolve the assemblies.

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