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Coquihalla Highway open again after ‘active and unfolding police incident’

The Coquihalla Highway has re-opened in both directions following an incident RCMP referred to earlier Tuesday as “active and unfolding.”

The highway was closed between Hope and Merritt, B.C., at around 2:30 p.m. PT, as police reported in a written statement that “a large number of policing resources from surrounding areas are being sent to the area of Juliet Bridge, just south of Merritt near the Coquihalla summit.”

It was re-opened by 6:30 p.m., when RCMP reported that the “incident” had ended but said they would not be releasing any further information about what had happened.

“We thank all motorists for their patience,” Sgt. Chris Manseau said in a written statement.

“The investigation into the need for the closure remains active and ongoing, and the public can anticipate seeing a marked increase in police vehicles in the area.”

In an earlier interview, RCMP Sgt. Josh Roda declined to confirm further details about the incident but said it is not believed to be connected to a kidnapping and series of shootings in Merritt, B.C., over the past week.

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