Friday, June 9, 2023
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Multinational Beauty Brands : Sunnies face US

‘Sunnies Face,’ the Philippines-based cosmetics and beauty company owned by ‘Sunnies Studios,’ has announced its expansion into the North American market with a Sunnies Face US website. The label rose to fame since its inception, garnering a fanbase that extended far beyond the walls of its home country. This led to individuals paying high fees to find solutions to order Sunnies Face products internationally, as there was no official way of doing so.

Now, North American fans of the beauty brand will be able to order Sunnies Face products right to their home. It is important to note that Sunnies Face did not confirm a date for the launch of this website, nor did the brand confirm whether or not it will venture into North American retail locations in the future.

Image Credit: Sunnies Face

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