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Viral Slogan-Inspired Campaigns : manscaped1

San Diego-based Male grooming company Manscaped is hoping to go viral with its ‘big groomed energy’ campaign.

With COVID restrictions lessening and people getting back to their everyday lives, the company is hoping to take the opportunity to showcase its product. The brand is using this opportunity to market to commuters in New York City by posting billboards all over the subway system.

The campaign slogan ‘big groomed energy’ is named after one of the more viral slogans used today and will generate much attention. The City of New York sees over 6 million commuters each month, making it the busiest underground railway system in North America. Because of this Manscaped posted over 250 bright yellow ads that are sure to turn heads and start a conversation.

The brand funded a similar project at Penn Station in December 2020 and expects this project to be even greater. “Our Penn Station takeover in December 2020 was a fun and wildly successful campaign, so we knew we wanted to secure the opportunity again. And in true Manscaped fashion, we went bigger and bolder this time around,” said Paul Tran, founder, and chief executive of Manscaped.

Image Credit: Manscaped

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