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The Most Anticipated Horror Movies Releasing In The Halloween 2022 Season

There hasn’t been a shortage of new scary movies coming out in 2022. With many noteworthy horror films suffering delays and setbacks due to the Coronavirus pandemic, both newly filmed projects as well as those that have been in the pipeline for years are finally getting their chance to shine, and this Halloween season of horror is shaping up to be a great one.

While some of the most highly-anticipated horror releases of the year have already come and gone, there are still plenty still to come before Halloween arrives. This means that there’s still a chance to see some of the best horror movies of 2022 in theaters.



The Halloween period of 2022 has returned and fans are heading to theaters and indeed streaming services in order to witness the latest chilling narratives on offer. Major franchises are continuing and brand-new, highly-anticipated sagas are about to be born. Whether it’s from a Hollywood studio or an indie production company, these movies are well worth the watch this spooky season.

Terrifier 2 (October 6th)

Available In Theaters Or Streaming On Screambox

With a limited theatrical release and availability on streaming services heading into Halloween, cult fans were thrilled to hear that the original Terrifier was gaining a sequel. With a third installment on the way, it’s fair to say the second outing was pretty successful.

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With the slasher and creepy clown-based narrative sure to thrill audiences looking for a scare, the premise involves the resurrection of Art from the initial movie, who then embarks on a new blood-fueled mission. It’s completely haunting and stars the likes of David Howard Thornton, Lauren LaVera, and Elliott Fullam.

Hellraiser (October 7th)

Streaming On Hulu

The Hellraiser franchise has controversially returned, and it’s back with gruesome deaths and nightmarishly beautiful imagery. While the gender swap for Pinhead might have caused some debate, the spirit of the original is very much alive, with this movie launching on Hulu for horror fans.

It doesn’t act as any kind of sequel, instead retelling a familiar story of a young woman discovering the addictive secrets of a puzzle box that will flip her life completely upside down. Fantastic prosthetics and moving performances from a huge ensemble drive this long-awaited reboot.

Halloween Ends (October 14th)

Available In Theaters

The Halloween saga returned and is now facing potentially its final chapter with Halloween Ends, which is sure to delight fans of the series with its grim portrayal of the storied serial killer. Michael Myers and Laurie Strode meet one more time in an explosive conclusion.

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Fans have always been in amazement of what it takes to bring down this slasher, and this looks to be a definitive answer. It’s the comeback of Jamie Lee Curtis that perhaps makes this such an attractive watch, with the series really going back to its roots.

The Loneliest Boy In The World (October 14th)

Available In Limited Theatrical Release

Sometimes Halloween audiences are looking for a production that twists the genre, or perhaps meshes together different contrasting storytelling techniques. The Loneliest Boy in the World does exactly that, relying on a zombie premise with a fairytale backdrop and modern setting.

Whimsical and comedy-infused, despite the scarier aspects, this is a fascinating hodgepodge of elements. The film centers on a lonely boy who makes some zombie friends rather unexpectedly. It has a brilliant ensemble including veteran actors like Ben Miller and newcomers such as Max Harwood and Susan Wokoma.

The Curse Of Bridge Hollow (October 14th)

Streaming On Netflix

Netflix has produced a couple of different not-so-scary horror movies to dive into, and the whole family could enjoy The Curse of Bridge Hollow, which focuses on a family battling against an evil curse. The spell in question brings all the Halloween decorations to life.

The movie stars Priah Ferguson and Marlon Wayans, and it is definitely more comedy influenced but pays homage to some of the darker releases in the horror genre, and serves as a great intro to horror for the uninitiated.

Matriarch (October 21st)

Streaming On Hulu

Horror fans will surely be heading to Hulu for the anticipated release of Matriarch. With a woman now facing a disease, she returns to her old home and discovers a very real demon that she has to square off against. It’s a literal moment of a character battling their fears head-on.

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This could be one of the most unexpected hits of the year considering the talent of the cast and crew behind the production, including Kate Dickie and Jemima Rooper. Personal and psychological, this is less of a slasher or outright bloodbath and far more influenced by the paranormal.

Wendell & Wild (October 21st)

Streaming On Netflix

Director Henry Selick has returned to the realm of stop-motion animation with Wendell & Wild. The highly awaited release from Netflix looks like a love letter to the gothic releases of old in the medium, with the level of detail in the animation surely thrilling audiences.

It’s not traditionally horror and is family-focused, and yet the imagery of the piece is so well-rooted in the symbolism of Halloween. A young woman will have to deal with her demons; but that isn’t in a conventional manner, as the worlds of the undead and the living crash together. It stars Lyric Ross, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and Angela Bassett.

Prey For The Devil (October 28th)

Available In Theaters

Heading to cinemas for all of those who want to usher in Halloween with quite the scare, Prey for the Devil brings audiences a really interesting concept, as the church begins to retrain nuns in how to deal with an epidemic of demonic possessions.

With a well-rounded cast and the promise of plenty of bloodshed and a range of demons for this religious army to face, it twists the conventions of the genre and repurposes them with a slight thriller and action edge. It’s also a very personal narrative though, with one nun facing a haunting moment from her own past.

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