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Childrens Cartoon Replicas : buzz lightyear action figure

Disney partnered with ‘S.H. Figuarts’ to debut a Buzz Lightyear Action Figure and a replica of the character’s spaceship. This action figure is screen-accurate to Buzz Lightyear’s appearance in the upcoming Disney movie centered around the Toy Story character. The figurine boasts an astonishing level of detail, from the retractable helmet to the breadth of accessories, this Buzz Lightyear is near indistinguishable from the movie version. The Buzz Lightyear Action Figure is approximately six inches tall.

As for the spaceship replica, the ‘Chogokin XL-15’ features its own array of screen-accurate details. While this ship is only nine inches long, and not large enough to fit the Buzz replica, it does come with its own downsized version of the hero in the cockpit of the ship. Aside from this, the replica has excellent colors, decals, and detailings that make it look like a real downsized aircraft, rather than a replica or a toy.

Image Credit: S.H. Figuarts

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