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Celebrity Label Stores : yeezy stores

Kanye West, now professionally known as Ye, announced plans to open physical Yeezy stores under his first-party merchandise label. Ye stated that the Yeezy brand has plans to open physical stores “all around the world,” though the company will be launching its first locations in Atlanta, as Ye has a large presence in the state.

In addition to this announcement, Ye made a post looking for retail management experts to franchise out Yeezy locations. The celebrity stated that Yeezy is looking for “Anyone who has over 10 years retail experience and is ready to change the world.”

According to Ye, the move to open first-party retail stores under the Yeezy name spun out of the lack of Yeezy products at its partner stores, namely adidas and Gap. Following several Instagram posts to make these announcements, Ye deleted the posts. However, this does not mean the project is canceled, as Ye typically only leaves his Instagram posts up for a few hours.

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