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The 10 Best Mascaras at Ulta Right Now, Hands Down

Some of my very best memories growing up involve tagging along with my mom when she would go shopping for makeup, and Ulta, in my mind, was some kind of mystical mecca I never ever wanted to leave. This was back in the day when I had an allowance, so I loved that I could browse and ogle the more expensive products my mom was after while ultimately blowing my personal stash of cash on more affordable drugstore names like CoverGirl and L’Oréal. Of course, that flexibility in price point is still one of my favorite things about Ulta, and this fun rundown of the best mascaras currently available at the retailer is the ultimate proof. Keep scrolling! I’m sharing 10 of the best mascaras at Ulta in addition to the helpful lash accessories you can add to enhance your look. 

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