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Obama Brings Towering Presence to Campaign in Wisconsin for Barnes

It is not hard to make Ron Johnson look small. He is one of the dimmer bulbs in the Senate, one of the least consequential, except when it comes to his peculiar affection for Russia, and he’s fully owned by Trump. But Johnson will really seem small when former President Barack Obama hits the campaign trail on behalf of Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, who will benefit from Obama’s moderate disposition and in helping galvanize the Black American vote in Wisconsin.

According to NBC News:

Former President Barack Obama is heading to Wisconsin later this month to help boost Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, a Democrat challenging GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, as well Gov. Tony Evers’ re-election bid.

The joint event, set for Oct. 29 in Milwaukee, will also promote other Democrats on the November ballot, including Attorney General Josh Kaul and Rep. Gwen Moore. NBC News was first to report the news that Obama would campaign in Wisconsin.

“From restoring access to reproductive health care to defending democracy and Wisconsinites’ right to vote, the stakes couldn’t be higher,” the Wisconsin Democratic Party said in a statement on Friday.

Remarkably – and this is probably hard to believe at this point, but one is probably safe in assuming that when Obama speaks, he isn’t going to spend 90 minutes talking about his own greatness and anger while waiving at the candidates. No, Obama is surely going to make a solid case against what Joe Biden calls the “MAGA-Republicans” as fully embodied by Johnson himself. It makes the speech “must-see TV.” After all, we rarely get a chance to see Obama really unload on the MAGA movement.

Obama was known as “no drama Obama” for a reason, so his speech will be more cerebral than adrenaline-powered. But Obama can unleash some righteous anger when it is called for, and this point in time surely calls for some. This is the man who “hoped” to change the tone in Washington. Instead, it’s gotten exponentially worse, to the point that the “Romney versus Obama” race looks almost quaint. Yes, it’s safe to assume he’ll have something to say, and when he speaks, we should listen.

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