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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Yellow lights…or green flags? You may feel hesitant to move forward this Wednesday, September 28 thanks to an edgy mashup of impatient Mars and your ruler, structured Saturn. Under this rare, once-per-year connection, you may have to take a stand on something that involves your principles or your money. While you COULD fade into the background and let a questionable character run the show, it’s more your style to summon your indomitable spirit and stick up for what you believe in. And yet under this tricky energy, you need to read the vibes and be strategic about how you proceed.

If people are amenable, you don’t have to come out swinging. And if they’re not, find a way to balance out warrior Mars and restrained Saturn so you can win this battle with your self-respect intact. Since the first words out of your mouth will set the tone for the interaction, come up with something diplomatic. Once you get into your differences, be careful not to react from a place of raw emotion. Spell out why you see things differently, being specific. With a calm, cool demeanor, you might sway some people over to your side of the aisle.

When pleasure-centric Venus swings into Libra and your career zone this Thursday, your approach to work may suddenly become a whole lot more playful and creative. Moreover, who could you collaborate with to make things more enjoyable? Your structure-loving sign takes boundaries seriously, but during this easygoing transit, you may come to see coworkers as potential real friends and join them for happy hour or game nights. Strong professional connections keep the wheels greased during the 9-to-5 and, from a strictly work perspective, are good for your career. These are the people you’ll turn to later in life, for references, introductions and jobs. This is also a good time to join industry organizations and become a fixture at networking events. Venus is still the love planet wherever she goes, and between now and October 23, you could be a lot more goal-oriented when it comes to amour. Just make sure you don’t treat your relationship with the same heavy-duty ambition that you do your job!


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The best news of the week arrives on Sunday, October 2 when Mercury wraps up a three-week retrograde and powers forward in Virgo and your no-limits ninth house. When expressive Mercury first turned retrograde on September 9, it happened in Libra and your professional tenth house, which might have triggered some snafus and miscommunications. Then, on September 23, the winged messenger planet backflipped into Virgo and your unfiltered ninth house, which could have led to some major “Whoops, did I say that out loud?” moments. There might still be some messes to mop up, but hopefully you didn’t burn any important bridges along the way.

If you do get swept up in a riptide of intense emotions or strong opinion, this is NOT the week to vent to the world at large. You may need to address one person directly, but when it’s more of a global feeling you’re trying to manage, turn to your most grounded friend or a coach or therapist—or just your journal—NOT your entire social media network! Who and where are key, but so is timing. Wait until next week, if possible, when Mercury is back on course. At the very least, choose the right moment to share your vision or minority opinion, and your truth bombs can wake people up in a needed way—as long as you can do so without malice. Since the ninth house also rules travel and entrepreneurship, you may have felt stymied in those areas. With the fleet-footed messenger moving forward in Virgo from Sunday until October 10, you might get some exciting news over the next two weeks. Be ready to pivot—and pounce!

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