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10 Coolest Video Game Fantasy Worlds Everyone Wants to Visit

Some of the best video games out there are the ones that have a fantastical flair. Be it dragons, sorcery, knights, royalty, famous Dragonborn, or schools of magic, fantasy games have transported players into escapist worlds for quite some time.

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With the success of book and film franchises like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more, the demand for Fantasy video games has exponentially increased. The fantasy themes have gotten so popular that vast and intricate worlds have been created for players to fully immerse themselves in.


As one of the most popular brutalist fantasy games in the world, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a huge open world with different towns, kingdoms, campsites, wandering giants, and even a mage school in the snowy mountains in the north.

Any fan of Elder Scrolls would absolutely love to visit this masterpiece of an open world. Other than the violent civil war and the looming threat of Dragons, the world is full of possibilities, rich fantasy history, and magic.

‘The Witcher’ – World

The Witcher 3, like The Elder Scrolls V, has a large open world that players have the ability to explore. In the game, players take the role of The Witcher, a man who hunts down ferocious magical beasts. The world is situated along a coast, with some islands available for exploration as well.

There are huge castles and kingdoms like Novigrad (to the north), Kaer Morden (to the east), Vizima (to the south), and Kaer Trolode (off the coast on an island to the west). Besides the deadly beasts roaming the countryside and other dangers of the world, this video game world would present an awesome vacation opportunity.

‘World of Warcraft’ – Azeroth

Perhaps one of the most famous fantasy MMORPGs of all time, World of Warcraft has Azeroth as one of the main worlds players get to visit. Azeroth is separated into two large land masses (that have boats players can use to travel between them).

There are numerous factions of fantasy legions (dwarves, elves, trolls, goblins, humans, and more) at war with one another, so traveling within the world of Azeroth might be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, the massive kingdoms and magic ruins would absolutely be worth it.

‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ – Hyrule

One of Nintendo’s most famous video games to date, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents an expansive world that players have the ability to cross and investigate. With majestic foes, large puzzles, and different land types (including mountains, deserts, and volcanoes), Hyrule has quite the topography to offer.

Since Hyrule contains beautiful landscapes and equally-beautiful characters to meet along the way, its no doubt that Hyrule is one of the best fantasy worlds fans would love to visit.

Worlds of ‘Dark Souls’

Dark Souls is definitely one of the more violent fantasy video games out there, bringing together elements of horror and high fantasy together for a gothic blend. The Dark Souls world is multi-layered and takes place in multiple castles.

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Maybe those looking for a more historic or architectural trip would enjoy exploring the many levels and caverns within the Dark Souls Realm. There are quite a few dangers that lie ahead, however. As long as fans avoid getting brutally murdered, the trip should be pretty neat!

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ — Wizarding World

The upcoming videogame set in the Harry Potter Universe, Hogwarts Legacy brings the magic of the Harry Potter movies to an open-world role-playing game in which players get to explore Hogwarts and never-before-seen places from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The game is not being released until early 2023. Fans of the Harry Potter movies would absolutely adore this game and its immersive nature. Who wouldn’t want to explore the most cherished imaginative places from their childhoods?

Once again, The Elder Scrolls returns. Skyrim’s predecessor, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, brings players to Oblivion. A charming, intense, and oddly dangerous world, Oblivion is a world many Elder Scrolls fans consider better than Skyrim.

While many of the foes from the Elder Scrolls games are ever-present (including new ones), Oblivion offers a unique fantasy setting any nostalgic Elder Scrolls player would love to visit.

‘Mario Kart’: Coconut World

By far one of the most recognized and well-loved maps in the Mario Kart series is the Coconut Mall. As players speed through the many mall hallways, pass storefronts (with a few shortcuts through the stores), and go up escalators, true fans of the Mario universe can only dream of taking a day for an all-out spending spree in the mall.

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In a world with giant fire-breathing Bowsers and spooky King Boos, a trip to the Coconut Mall is highly coveted.

‘Genshin Impact’: Teyvat

Genshin Impact has grown from a small cult following online to a global phenomenon for players who enjoy an updated and authentic RPG experience.

The landscapes and places to travel in the world of Genshin Impact are some of the most graphically stunning, and taking the time to explore vast, fruitful plains, sprawling kingdoms, and hunt for treasure would be quite the experience for a new visitor. And who wouldn’t want to visit the glorious Mt. Kanna?

‘Wizard101’: Wysteria

For all the nostalgic members of Generation Z, visiting Wysteria and all the worlds in The Spiral would be one of the most satisfying and fantastic trips someone could ask for.

Whether it is the dry-as-bones desert ruled by magic Crocodiles like Krokotopia, London-like nighttime escaped like Marleybone, a swine-occupied ninja training area like Mooshu, or the charming and breathtaking Wizard City, Wysteria presents a wonderful option for any fans of the game.

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