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CEO of Freeverse Alun Evans discusses NFTs and the Metaverse ahead of PG Co | Pocket

We are well into the build-up for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinkihere at, and with an action packed convention to look forward to we are highlighting some of the guest speakers who will be connecting with over 1200 games industry professionals in the Finnish capital on September 27th and 28th. 

Today we are talking to Alun Evans, the CEO and co-founder of – the home of Living Assets (NFT 2.0). Alun has over 15 years’ experience in the tech industry for entertainment and has a passion for building teams with a strong collaborative culture, that are focused on creating products that solve genuine problems. He was previously CEO of, CTO of, and Director of Barcelona World Race – THE GAME. Alun has a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from University College London.

Alun will be speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki on the future of NFTs, the way they’ve taken the world by storm and how he sees the current model having to adapt in order to forge a long-term future, with living assets that can change and evolve. At PG Connects Helsinki, Freeverse will present how this concept turns the passive experience of collecting and speculating into an active experience of using and engaging. What is your biggest aspiration or goal in mobile gaming?

To see content that is bought in one game appear seamlessly in another.

What do you think the next big disruptor in mobile games will be?

The metaverse, and the key role that digital ownership will play in it. Beyond fancy headsets and AR technology, the core component of the metaverse is how users will define themselves within it, and the expectation that they can bring that identity and everything belongs to it, to every corner of the metaverse, regardless of the company that created that corner.

What role do NFTs play in the future of games?

NFTs will play a huge role as gamers realise, and begin to demand, that their digital content can and should be able to ‘travel with them’ across games and platforms. That said, NFTs will only begin to become truly relevant when gamers value them for their utility, and not just speculation as to their future value.

Tell us your thoughts on ONE of the following: the metaverse, Cloud-gaming, Cross-platform games, Play-to-earn games.

The current interpretation of play-to-earn, where gamers buy a rare item hoping to sell it on in the future, will forever be limited as it relies on an endless (and thus impossible to achieve) feed of new users willing to buy second-hand items. The viable long-term model for play-to-earn is where NFTs are evolved according to how they are used in-game, allowing gamers to earn money for the effort that have spent in playing the game as opposed to simply sitting on a rare item and hoping that somebody will pay for it.

Can people get in touch with you at the event? What sort of people would you like to connect with?

I would love to have a chat with anybody who is interested in the future of metaverse, NFTs, and digital ownership within games.

What is one way attendees can prepare for your discussion?

Read up about NFTs, what motivates people to buy them, and what the challenges and opportunities are for introducing such technology and business models into the games industry.

Expand your network with the likes of Alun Evans and many others at this year’s Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference. There is no better place to connect with the biggest and most inspiring industry players and take your business to the next level. Head over to our website to buy your ticket.


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