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Fans Furious as an Acclaimed Comic Book Show Gets Canned After One Season

paper girls

via Prime Video

All of the critical adulation in the world for a TV series doesn’t mean a damn thing if not enough people check it out to merit further seasons, something Prime Video’s Paper Girls has discovered after being canceled just eight episodes in.

Despite boasting a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score of 90 percent and a user rating of 88 percent, the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s hugely popular comic book run evidently didn’t score strong enough viewership figures to convince the top brass at Amazon that another run was worth investing in.

To be fair, no streaming show is guaranteed to last much longer than its opening batch of installments, and yet way too many of them (including Paper Girls) end on cliffhangers that only serve to frustrate the fandom when the worst case scenario unfolds. Legendary Television are planning to shop the concept around to potential suitors, though, but that hasn’t done anything to dampen the fury of those who invested so deeply in the time travel adventure.

paper girls
via Prime Video

Netflix is the only one of the major streaming services to reveal viewership data on a regular basis thanks to its weekly Top 10s, with the competition only unveiling the figures when there’s something worth shouting about, so we’ve got no idea how poorly Paper Girls performed in order for Amazon to wield the axe little over a month after its July 29 premiere.

It isn’t quite game over, then, but you may need to cross those fingers pretty tight if you’re hoping to see Paper Girls return somewhere else.

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