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Has Thunder Rosa Asked AEW For Her Release?

Rumors have been swirling online over the last few days about Thunder Rosa & whether she’s asked for her release from AEW. Here’s what is known.

A lot is going on in AEW right now, so the rumor that Thunder Rosa had reportedly asked for her release didn’t garner the attention it usually would. Still, there were rumblings that the former Women’s World Champion was unhappy with her standing in the company. So much so that she’d reportedly sought to be released from her AEW contract.

This comes two weeks after Rosa was forced to vacate her title due to an injury. She was supposed to take on Toni Storm at the All Out pay-per-view, but she could not participate in that match. AEW went the interim title route with Rosa just a few months after doing so for CM Punk. When Thunder is ready to return to action, she’ll immediately be thrust back into the title picture. For what it’s worth, it’s been widely reported that Storm was supposed to go over in her singles match against Thunder Rosa. Instead, Storm won a fatal four-way.


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Despite there appearing to be some smoke to the Thunder Rosa release fire, multiple sources have claimed that this rumor is not valid. Both Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer News and Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful is reporting that Rosa has, in fact, not asked to be released from her AEW contract. Her husband, Brian Cervantes, also denied the claims on Twitter before deleting his account.

Thunder Rosa Too Important For AEW To Release

A different journalist stated that Rosa had asked for her release during a podcast, but that wasn’t corroborated by anyone. Multiple sources have since shot that rumor down. That’s good news for AEW, as the women’s division is short of main-event caliber stars. Toni Storm is getting there, and Baker needs way more television time, but there aren’t many women who’ve been built up as well as Rosa.

There have been reports over the last year that Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker have legit heat, which some assumed led to the former asking for her release from AEW. Everyone doesn’t have to be best friends, though, and the two women have put on some of the best women’s matches in All Elite history. Hopefully, they’ll continue to be able to do so once Rosa returns and gets her unification fight against Storm. Possibly at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view, which is set to take place on November 19 in New Jersey.

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Sources: @SeanRossSapp/Twitter, @davemeltzerWON/Twitter

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