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Flexion Mobile launches new service targeting TikTok users | Pocket

Flexion Mobile, the Android games distributor, recently launched a cost-per-install (CPI) service that offers game developers a way to target users on TikTok, working in a similar fashion to automated ad buying.

Using a disruptive service from Liteup Media, the firm’s influencer marketing agency, Audiencly, is transforming as many as 7,000 top influencers onto TikTok.

Liteup automatically connects developers with influencers through its mobile app in a way that matches target audiences. Influencers will include details of their TikTok followers and the type of content they create when they sign up with Liteup, allowing developers to target the audiences they need to reach.

The app-based service tracks the followers of registered TikTok influencers, charging advertisers only when a new user installs a game.

What makes TikTok so special?

“TikTok has the potential to reach a whole new generation of game players, so it’s vital for developers to include influencers on the platform in their marketing mix,” said Audiencly CEO Adrian Kotowski. “By offering our carefully curated group of content creators the chance to add TikTok to their output, we’re giving our clients instant access to this channel. They retain the same tried and trusted influencer personalities but with Liteup they reach out directly to the TikTok generation.”

Why TikTok? The video-sharing platform is currently the fastest-growing social media platform, predicted to reach 1.5 billion monthly users by the end of 2022.

That is a lot of monthly users to view your advertised product or service. More specifically, that is a lot of Gen Z (people from the ages of 10-25 years old) users viewing your advertised product or service.

As of 2021, Newzoo reported that 80 per cent of the Gen Z population play video games.

“Expanding our service for game developers is a major goal for Flexion,” said Flexion CEO Jens Lauritzson.

More on Flexion’s ambitions  

Flexion acquired Audiencely back in March for $10.4 billion, buying 100 per cent of the company.

Prior to that, the android games distributor invested in Liteup Media, acquiring an initial 20 per cent of the influencer marketing startup.

The firm aimed to create new revenue and user acquisition opportunities for its mobile games partners through influencer marketing.

Several months later, Flexion signed an agreement with leading game studio Magic Tavern Inc.

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