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August 17, 2022 Hints & Answer

August 17th’s Wordle answer gives a break to players with an easy solution that features two vowels and can be solved in six or fewer attempts.

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August 17th’s Wordle answer is one of the easier puzzles to solve this month as it contains plenty of vowels and is a fairly common word. Players should be able to identify the two vowels with one of their earlier guesses. Once these vowels have been identified, players simply need to figure out their correct position. However, even after discovering the two vowels, some players may not be able to guess the right answer as it could take a few more attempts. Since Wordle only gives players six attempts to figure out the solution, some players will have a better chance at guessing the word using hints.


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The best way to solve today’s Wordle answer is by using strategic starting words that can identify some of the confirmed letters. If players are still having a hard time, they can try Wordle‘s hard mode, as it helps players develop a habit that comes in handy in the long run. While experienced Wordle players like the additional challenge, many players simply need hints to solve the puzzle, especially if they only have two or fewer attempts left. So players looking to avoid sacrificing their daily streak can use the hints below to figure out the answer.

Today’s Wordle Hints & Strategy (August 17th #424)

While August 17th’s Wordle answer can be solved without using any hints if players discover the correct spot of at least three letters in the Wordle boxes, it can still get tricky to figure out the solution. Luckily, the below hints will be able to give players a bit more context about today’s Wordle answer and help maintain their daily streak. While using hints might be considered cheating by some Wordle purists, it still helps players who are accustomed to other vocabulary games such as Scrabble.

  • Hint 1: typically used to describe double the original amount
  • Hint 2: double in degree or quantity
  • Hint 3: Will has rehearsals ____ a month (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (August 17th #424)

The August 17th Wordle answer is TWICE.

While solving the answer for today’s Wordle puzzle, we used our favorite starting word, ‘ROAST,’ as it revealed the incorrect position of one letter. In our second attempt, using the word ‘TRIPE’ revealed the correct position of three letters. This lets us identify the two vowels, i.e., “I” and “E.” Once we knew the correct position of the three letters, we used the word ‘TRICE,’ which revealed the correct position of all but one letter. From there, we could identify today’s Wordle answer TWICE.

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