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‘Broke Ass Batman’ Is the Internet’s New Favorite Gotham City Scenario

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In Twitter’s latest Gotham City Alternate Universe tangent, DC fans are picturing what Batman’s life would look like if Wayne Enterprises went bankrupt.

Trending with the hashtag #BrokeAssBatman, people are offering up their best memes to illustrate Bruce Wayne’s disgraced lifestyle, living in Alfred’s basement.

User tvmoviedan says Broke Ass Batman “takes the Granny bus” and thx4thesave thinks Catwoman is out for child support.

One tweet borrows from an old animated series to show Broke Ass Batman and Robin taking a ride on Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, while another shows the Dark Knight being forced by circumstances to sew his own suit.

It’s hilarious how many random photos from Batman impersonators were already available, almost as if they had been created exactly for this trend. Like a Batman hitchhiker, a Batman campaigning for Fathers’ rights, or a gardener Batman.

There was even a perfectly suited “Florida man” piece of news brought back by one Twitter user for a dose of dark humor, which seems to be a common occurrence with the trending hashtag. Fat jokes and sexual innuendos, for example, are plenty, but we’ll spare you.

In other tweets, Broke Ass Batman takes on a slew of part-time jobs, since fighting crime can’t really pay the rent when your company stops making money. An Uber Eats driver, a dancer for money or a cashier at a fast food chain are some examples.

There’s always been the argument that Batman would be pretty powerless without his money, since his suit, Batmobile, and collection of gadgets that grant him his fighting powers are all big investments coming directly from the safe at Wayne Tower. As much as the Broke Ass Batman trend is being done for laughs, it does beg the question of where Bruce would be without his empire.

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