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10 Great Shows Reddit Users Guarantee You Haven’t Come Across Yet

The recent release of Stranger Things gave viewers everything they wanted from season four, even if it did result in many fans going through the grieving process right after watching. Since it first hit viewers’ screens in 2016, the show developed a large following that continues to be loyal when even their favorite characters are killed.

Stranger Things received the recognition it deserved from the offset, but many other shows went unnoticed and are the perfect watch to bridge the gap between season 4 and season 5. These shows are truly excellent, providing as important of a must-see experience like the latest season of Stranger Things.


10 Orphan Black (2013-2017)

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Two Clones in Orphan Black stand next to each other

Orphan Black begins with Sarah witnessing the suicide of a girl, but upon inspection, she realizes the girl looks exactly like her. After the death of this mysterious woman, Sarah uses her streetwise attitude to uncover the truth surrounding her lookalikes death but instead finds herself wrapped up in a conspiracy.

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The series showcases the talent of Tatiana Maslany, who ends up playing five clones of herself and in doing so, brings the series’ unusual premise to life. Whilst the series executed its well-written script perfectly, the show never achieved a large following due to it not being marketed well enough, but it still has its loyal fanbase who continue to advocate its greatness, as seen by 1PurplePeopleEater, who labeled it as an “underrated, great show”.

9 Banshee (2013-2016)

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Banshee tells the story of an ex-con, who takes on the identity of someone he believes to be dead when seeking a fresh start, but he finds himself living in the same town as his new and improved ex-lover also known as his partner in crime. The series considers itself a drama, but many fans would also consider it a romance, with the pair’s obvious romantic connection.

This action-packed series exploded onto screens but failed to gain a large following due to not being released by Cinemax, a smaller streaming site. Despite its failure to take off, many curious fans have come across it by chance and found themselves hooked by its gripping running storylines that are character-driven, resulting in uncle_dre7w stating that “the show is a MUST!”.

8 Dickinson (2019-2021)

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Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert are one of the best LGBTQ+ couples on TV right now, yet the series continues to be missed by many viewers. Dickinson is a comedy-drama that follows Emily as she uses her writing to comment on society and its constraints on women.

Although clips from the series have recently been appearing on Tik Tok, the series continues to be one that didn’t garner the attention it so rightfully deserved due to it being a historical period piece. Reddit user sergiocamponst shared that “Dickinson is a crazy mix of a period dramedy with millennial rom-com, so it is not for everyone” but once one steps out of their comfort zone, they may enjoy this heartwarming tale of love, poetry, and passion.

7 From (2022)

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Harold Perrineau in From 2022

From was released on Epix in February this year and offered fans a horror-themed show that toys with their idea of a family vacation. Created by the same executive producer as Lost, this science fiction horror proves to follow a similar plot as the series centers around a town where those that come in can’t leave.

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Due to the series being released on a smaller streaming service, From has relied on word of mouth to reel in its viewers, but it’s safe to say that it grips viewers from the very beginning, with Good_Humor5334 sharing how they are “addicted to the show”. From has been likened to the works of Stephen King as the show ignited the fear factor in many viewers whilst also offering a mind-bending plot that kept them guessing.

6 Russian Doll (2019-Present)

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Natasha Lyonne as Nadya, peering out of the doors on a subway train in Russian Doll.

Russian Doll is one of Netflix’s best original shows and sees Natasha Lyonne abandon her role as a prisoner to embody a New Yorker stuck in a time loop. The series travels alongside Nadia, who continues to relive the same day, which becomes an isolated situation until she meets Alan, and the pair attempt to end their terrifying time loop saga.

The series is a black comedy that offers fans a combination of comedy, drama, and romance, intensified by its wacky premise. Russian Doll keeps fans guessing and is one of the reasons it is somewhat underrated as many found the show’s storyline too complex to follow, with the release of its second series leaving fans like tomatobee613 “totally confused”. However, once fans get their heads around the complicated time loops, Russian Doll proves itself to be a self-aware and intriguing viewing experience.

5 Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)

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Joel Edgerton in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom tells the story of Joshua, who decides to live with his grandma after the death of his mother. Joshua quickly realizes that his family isn’t as innocent as they seem and becomes wrapped up in his cousin’s criminal clan, led by his grandmother.

The series is an incredibly well-written crime drama that encourages viewers to become invested in the family’s attachment to crime, but due to it being released by TNT it was somewhat overlooked. However, for many, the show’s title failed to draw them in as recognized by sergiocamponst, who explained how they “always thought it was a wildlife documentary”. But luckily for fans, Animal Kingdom is now available on Prime!

4 Jane The Virgin (2014-2019)

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Jane her mom and Abuela sitting on their porch swing in Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is one female-led drama that fans miss for its unique premise that follows Jane, who finds herself pregnant after being artificially inseminated, but things get worse when the father is also her boss!

The series’ unique quirky style proved to be a turn-off for some viewers who couldn’t fathom the show’s overdramatic acting which is employed due to the series’ relationships with telenovelas. LadyGaaRaa suggested that once viewers “get passed the acting”, they are treated to a drama-fuelled, hilarious and heartwarming series that proves how the strangest of circumstances can usually lead to the best.

3 Dopesick (2021)

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Cleopatra Coleman as Grace Pell and Kaitlyn Dever as Betsy in Dopesick

Inspired by true stories, Dopesick offers a harrowing insight into the pharmaceutical industry of America by focusing heavily on the role of prescribed drugs in stories of opioid addiction. The miniseries was widely overlooked, but those that have watched it continue to share their appreciation for the show’s honest portrayal of addiction.

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Redditor uncle_dre7w shared how “Dopesick is a very good miniseries” that utilized social commentary to highlight the dangerous advertising of pharmaceuticals. It created character-driven storylines that allowed viewers to hear real people’s stories firsthand through its fast-paced plot with vital messages about drugs and the harm they can cause at the hands of pharmaceutical companies rather than the typical dealer trope.

2 Chernobyl (2019)

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Paul Ritter in Chernobyl

Despite the series being a darker watch, Chernobyl is one of the best miniseries to binge on a weekend, especially for history buffs intrigued by the true but tragic story of Chernobyl. The miniseries revolves around the nuclear accident that took place in 1986 and was responsible for the death of 31 people whilst also causing long-lasting health conditions to its residents.

This tragic series delves into what happened that terrifying night in a sensitive way that provides viewers with an insight into the dangers of nuclear power. Reddit user sergiocamposnt explained how “it is critically acclaimed as one of the greatest miniseries of all-time”, with many of the performances staying with viewers for a long time after watching it and accurately portraying the tragedy in a haunting but empathetic way.

1 Utopia (2020)

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In 2020, Utopia returned to viewers’ screens, but the Gillian Flynn continuation failed to live up to the high standard set by the UK version that immersed fans within the action. The story follows a group of online friends who have obtained a manuscript that draws them into something very dark.

The show was seriously underrated and failed to gain a large following, but its small fanbase consistently advocates that it is “one of the best shows”, including GioRilla. Utopia continues to excel in all areas with its incredible soundtrack, creative plot, and beautifully filmed shots which engaged fans and has been labeled a hidden gem, especially now due to its relevance.

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