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A Big Fox News/Trump Lie Just Got Wiped Out By The 1/6 Committee

Fox News and some Republicans have been saying that Trump ordered National Guard troops to the Capitol, but the 1/6 Committee has released testimony saying that Trump never gave a National Guard order.

The story from Mark Meadows that Sean Hannity and others have often repeated on Fox News is that Trump ordered 10,000 National Guard troops to be ready to go to the Capitol, but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rejected the troops.

Trump made the same claim numerous times in 2021.

No matter how often the lie has been debunked, it still continued to be pushed on Fox News and other conservative media.

On Tuesday, the 1/6 Committee released testimony from Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller stating that there no such order or plan for National Guard troops at the Capitol:

Miller said, “There was no direct, there was no order from the President. We obviously had plans for activating more folks, but that was not anything more than contingency planning. There was no official message traffic or anything of that nature.”

Miller’s testimony brings up an interesting question. If the Department of Defense was planning, why didn’t anyone in Trump’s White House pass that message along so they could be deployed?

The Defense Department was waiting for a call from Trump that never came.

The are many Big Lies surrounding Trump and 1/6, but one of the biggest has been that Trump tried to act but was stopped by Nancy Pelosi.

That lie has been put to rest six feet under by the 1/6 Committee.

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