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Steve Bannon’s trial: Live updates

Before the verdict was announced, former Trump aide Steve Bannon had come into the courtroom before the jury reassembled in a relatively buoyant mood. He threw his face mask down on the table as soon as he arrived, then sat on his phone for several minutes, a few times showing his lawyer a message.

Once the jury assembled, and before the verdict was read, he had one hand bracing the table, and glanced at the jurors just a few times, primarily watching the judge. He smiled and smirked after the verdict was read, and then patted his lawyers on back.

The jury foreperson read the verdict in a soft voice. She wore a green face mask —and the rest of the jury all kept their masks on as well.

The jury then answered in unison, “yes,” guilty was their verdict.

Bannon nodded briefly when the judge thanked the jury for their service. Before he exits the courthouse, he is stopping at the probation office.

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