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Fox News Loses Trusted News Source Rating From Journalism Watchdog

Newsguard has downgraded Fox News from a trustworthy green rating to red proceed with caution.

Here is the downgrade of Fox News:

The rationale for downgrading Fox News was, “In previous reviews of foxnews.com, Newsguard found that while the site had published false claims on significant topics that were uncorrected, that because FoxNews.com regularly published other corrections, and because the false claims did not appear to occur frequently, foxnews.com did not fail Newsguard’s standard for having effective corrections practices.”

What changed was that “foxnews.com published uncorrected significantly false claims at a much more frequent rate than in previous reviews.”

Newsguard is a team of journalists and editors who evaluate and provide nutrition ratings for news organizations. They sell this service to consumers, ad companies, and others as a way to combat misinformation.

Fox News being downgraded is a big deal because it confirms that Fox’s media properties have moved more toward misinformation and away from journalism practices.

Fox has been misleading viewers for years, but they have moved into misinformation and are no longer recognized as a trusted news source by objective third-party standards.


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