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See how to reconcile on your 2018 taxes

Published on March 21, 2019

If you had a Marketplace plan and used

to lower your monthly payment, you’ll have to “reconcile” when you file your 2018 taxes.

Step 1: Check Form 1095-A for accuracy

Make sure your coverage and household information on your Form 1095-A is correct. If anything is wrong, contact the Marketplace Call Center.

Also, check your

by looking at Part III, Column B of your 1095-A, titled “Monthly second lowest-cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) premium.”

The SLCSP premium is incorrect if:

  • Part III, Column B has a “0” or is blank for any month someone in your household had the Marketplace plan.
  • You had changes in your household that you didn’t report on your Marketplace application — like having a baby, moving, getting married or divorced, or losing a dependent.

If either situation applies to you, use our tax tool to get your correct SLCSP premium.

Step 2: “Reconcile” your 2018 taxes

Now that you’ve made sure your SLCSP premium is correct and your coverage and household information is accurate, you’re ready to file.

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