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Liz Cheney Claims to be a Constitutionalist After Locking Up Protesters of Stolen 2020 Election for Months in Solitary without Court Dates

Dick Cheney apparently never taught his daughter, Liz Cheney, that actions speak louder than words. 

RINO Liz Cheney sent out a campaign email where she claims to be a constitutionalist standing up for free speech.  It’s simply outrageous.

Cheney says she wants to have unity and discussions and debates about issues where people can disagree remembering they are not enemies.  But this isn’t at all what she’s done in the US House.  She runs the Jan 6 Committee (everyone knows this) and is after blood.

She supports the jailing of individuals who protested the election.  TGP has an updated list (See American Gulag)  of protesters, many of who never entered the Capitol on Jan 6.  These people had every right to protest the stolen 2020 Election.  Yet, behind Cheney’s kangaroo court many are jailed now for over a year without a court date.  Some are put in solitary.  These men and women did nothing wrong, but Cheney’s vision of the Constitution is to jail those she disagrees with and makeup lies about the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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Cheney claims the Constitution is our sword and shield, yet to her, it’s a weapon to use to punish those she disagrees with.  Four Americans were killed on Jan 6 and yet she doesn’t care.  The President never said he thought he lost the stolen election, but Cheney claims otherwise. Americans rot in jails waiting for court dates, Liz shrugs.

“I Felt Election Was RIGGED and ‘STOLLEN’, Have from the Very Beginning, and Have Only Gotten Stronger in that Belief” – President Trump Totally Destroys ‘Unselect Committee’

Cheney hates President Trump and the millions of Americans, the greatest political base ever, who support President Trump for loving America.  Cheney would rather lead a kangaroo court in an attempt to prevent President Trump from running for office again, than stand by President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again.

Liz Cheney doesn’t care about the Constitution.  She’s burying it.

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