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Rebuild Your Summer Wardrobe With Uniqlo Basics

Open your closet and take a step back. If the questions “What do I wear?” or “Did I have that on last week?” are lingering in the back of your mind, we feel you. Yearning for a seasonal fashion refresh is understandable — even if your bank account says otherwise. Luckily, rebuilding a summer wardrobe from top to bottom isn’t the only solution to this style conundrum; sometimes you just need one or two new foundational pieces to pull a fresh look together. Allow us to point you in the direction of Uniqlo, a trusty reader-favorite retailer known for its affordably priced and reliable basics. For instance, you can easily find under-$50 staples like breathable flare dresses, perfectly cut cotton T-shirts, and effortless linen shorts — all available in a wide range of sizes (from XXS to XXL) and kaleidoscopic colorways (black and off-white are, of course, a given). Below, browse five excellent Uniqlo basics that are more than worthy of your style rotation as summer-outfit building blocks. (The shimmering accessories and fashionable handbags can wait.)

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